Coolorus 2 Color Wheel

Coolorus is a Color Wheel Panel based on Corel® Painter® for Adobe Products (Photoshop and Flash) .

Coolorus is for creative people who would like to improve daily workflow. Reducing clicks to the minimum, learn about Color Relations, Gamut Masks and the power of triangle HSV representation.

Coolorus 2.0.1 is compatible with Adobe® Photoshop® CS5 to CC (14.x.x) and Adobe® Flash® CS5 to CC (14.x.x) on Windows and Mac.

Coolorus 2.5.7 is compatible with Adobe® Photoshop® CC2014 (2014.2.x) and above on Windows and Mac.

Color Sliders

6 color spaces (RGB, HSV, LAB and more), you can organize them exactly as you like.

Affects Shapes & Text Layers

Coolorus is now able to change text and solid shapes fill color. As simple as that.

Gamut Lock

Sometimes less is more. Limit your gamut to get more consistency on your color palettes.

Color Mixer

Want to keep picked colors? Or share them with others? Or just blend them? It's all possible now with new Mixers panel.


Simple Mode was rewritten from ground up. Almost every element in new Coolorus Panel can be simplified. Simply hover on element and press +/- on your keyboard.

And much more…

Color Harmonies
Luminosity Lock
Save/Load Mixers
Color Modes

Download Coolorus(Including fully functional, 14 days free trial!)

Flash® CS5 & CS6

( version 2.0.1 )

Photoshop® CC
(2014.2 & 2015 release)

( version 2.5.7 )

Buy Coolorus

1. Choose for which app you'll use Coolorus:

Please note that if you buy license for Photoshop or Flash that version will work on both platforms.

2. Are you Coolorus 1.x user?

Existing users are eligible for a -33% discount when upgrading from older versions of Coolorus.

3. How many licenses do you want?

Each licence can be activated on 2 computers at the same time


4. Have discount code?


Extension Manager and Photoshop CC 2015

Extension Manager no longer supports CC 2015 applications. Good news is that we created a small, easy to use installation script, that will seemlessly install Coolorus 2.5 for you. Follow the instructions from readme.txt (you'll find it in ZIP file)

What do I get purchasing a license?

Each license key can be used to activate Coolorus on up to two computers (for your personal/commercial use). All updates withing the same major version will be available for free.

I've lost my license key!

Use 'Retrieve/Deactivate' option from the bottom of this page and follow the instructions.

I'm getting 'Activations limit for this license reached' error, why?

Each license key can be used to activate Coolorus on up to two machines. To activate it on another one you have to deactivate it on the previous one. If that's impossible use 'Retrieve/Deactivate' option from the bottom of this page and follow the instructions.

I'm getting 'This is trial version of Coolorus. Either your settings do not allow plugins to access internet or our servers are temporarily unavailable' error, why?

Make sure you have an internet connection, and have this option: 'Edit -> Preferences -> Plugins -> Allow Extensions to Connect to the Internet' checked.

Why I can't install Coolorus on OSX Lion using Extension Manager?

If Adobe Extension Manager does not allow you to install CS5 version of Coolorus on OSX Lion ('valid signature' error), installing this patch should help.

Will Coolorus support Retina Displays?

Coolorus supports Retina Displays from the beginning. Unfortunately Adobe untill version CC hasn't support Retina flash panels, so can't have Retina Coolorus on CS6 and earlier. That's not the case for Mac version of Coolorus.

Where I can get Coolorus 1.x?

Coolorus version 1.3 for Adobe© Apps can be downloaded from HERE, and version for Apple Mac (native color picker app for apps like: Pixelmator, Sketch etc.) from HERE

Report bugs or new features.

If you do find a bug, annoying behavior or you simply have an idea on how to improve Coolorus, please don't wait... just e-mail us. We will appreciate any form of support and feedback.