Coolorus One Color Picker to rule them all.

Coolorus GUI in Photoshow and Mac OS
Coolorus 1.3 is available for CS 4/5/6/CC & Mac OSX Apps

What is Coolorus?

Coolorus is a Corel Painter like color wheel for Adobe Products (Photoshop, Flash, After Effects) and all native Mac apps that uses native Apple color picker.

Coolorus is for creative people who would like to improve their color picking workflow as much as possible. Reducing mouse clicks to the minimum, learn about color relationships and the power of triangle HSV representation.

Coolorus works with Adobe Photoshop, Flash and selected native Mac OSX apps

… and more

Want to know if Coolorus works with your app of choice? Download a 7 Days free trial!

Why you will love Coolorus?

Mac OSX system-wide

Coolorus is now available for Mac users that would like to use Coolorus in non-Adobe Apps.

Triangle and Square

Tringle or square representation of HSV color space is now available, from now you can choose what's fits you more.

Color Schemes

We have prepared 6 color schemes for you. Thanks to that you will better understand the color relationships.

Color Modes

Coolorus has two modes: full spectrum and simple. The simple mode is created from 12 basic colors.


Standard RGB and traditional RYB wheel for artists that works better with color schemes.

Panel Themes

With the arrival of CS6 Coolorus gained the ability to change his skin. As Adoby® we have prepared 5 themes for that.

Color Output Modes

Depending on the software type, you can work with Background or Stroke Color. With ability to compare 2 colors.

Panel Resizing

A lot of users asked for that feature, After some UI improvments, Coolorus from now on can be more flexible.

Handy Shortcuts

We have added some shortcuts for copy/paste hex colors, Undo/Redo choosen colors and more…

Swatch Module

Thanks to community feedback we have prepared swatch module. We think you'll love them.

Faster than lighting

Coolorus is faster than any other color picker available for Adobe and Mac as an extension.

Download Trial Version of Coolorus (v 1.3)

Adobe Flash(CS4+ on both Win & Mac) Adobe Photoshop(CS4+ on both Win & Mac) Mac OS X(10.6+ with all Mac Apps!)

Purchase Plug-in

Choose for which app you'll use Coolorus:

Please note that if you buy license for Photoshop or Flash that version will work on both platforms. Mac OSX version is only for Mac users who want to use Coolorus in other apps than Adobe.

Adobe Bundle Offer

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thanks to that you'll save $6.

How many licences do you want?

Remember one licence can be activated on 2 computers

Payment method

We accept PayPal and Credit/Debit Cards.


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Will Coolorus support Retina Displays?

Coolorus from the beginning was supporting Retina Displays even when they have not been released yet.Unfortunately Adobe untill version CC hasn't support retina flash panels, so that's the reason you can't have your favourite color wheel on CS6 (with retina display) and lover. Only fix is upgrading to CC. There aren't any limitations in Mac version of Coolorus.

Why do I have to pay for Coolorus?

We've spend many hours designing, coding and testing not only Coolorus, but also a website, server-side logic etc. It was necessary to provide a high quality product that actually works on most of soft and hardware configurations. That's why we charge for it, and we strongly belive that Coolorus is worth paying less than 10 bucks.

I'm getting 'Activations limit for this license reached' error, why?

Each license key can be used to activate Coolorus on up to two CS installations. To activate it on another machine you have to deactivate it on the previous one. If that's impossible use 'Retrieve/Deactivate' option from the bottom of this page and follow the instructions.

I don't have PayPal account, how can I buy Coolorus?

Even when you don't have Paypal you can pay via it with credit card (Visa, Master Card, etc.). In order to do that simply follow buying instructions on our website and when you'll be redirected to paypal look for "Don't have a PayPal account?" press it and then you'll can provide your credit card informations.

I'm getting 'This is trial version of Coolorus. Either your settings do not allow plugins to access internet or our servers are temporarily unavailable' error, why?

Make sure you have an internet connection, and have this option: 'Edit -> Preferences -> Plugins -> Allow Extensions to Connect to the Internet' checked.

Why I can't install Coolorus on OSX Lion using Extension Manager?

If Adobe Extension Manager does not allow you to install CS5 version of Coolorus on OSX Lion ('valid signature' error), installing this patch should help.

I paid via PayPal eCheck, where's my license?!

If you paid via eCheck the license for you will be generated automatically after the payment was processed by PayPal it takes approximately 2-3 business days.

What do I get purchasing a license?

Each license key can be used to activate Coolorus on up to two CS installations. You may download for free any updates that will be released as 1.X version.

I've lost my license key!

Use 'Retrieve/Deactivate' option from the bottom of this page and follow the instructions.

Report bugs or new features.

If you do find a bug, annoying behavior or you simply have an idea on how to improve Coolorus, please don't wait... just e-mail us. We will appreciate any form of support and feedback.